Why Choose APS?

APS Parking And Shuttle Services airport valet service offers an unbeatable way of cutting your travelling time whilst securing your car.

The services we offer are especially beneficial for:

  • Those travelling on tight time schedules, particular business travellers.
  • By using APS Parking And Shuttle Services, you save time by not having to waste unnecessary time by trying to find parking in the almost permenantly packed parking facilities   at the airport.
  • Travellers with large or bulky luggage e.g. windsurfing equipment.
  • By using APS Parking And Shuttle Services you are able to park in the drop off zone at either International or Domestic Terminals. The drop off zone is situated very close to the   check-in counters and quick access to transport difficult to carry luggage. This is a priceless added benefit supplied by APS Parking And Shuttle Services.
  • Those travelling with young children.
  • Who wants the hassle of worrying how far you park away from the terminal and how you are going to cope getting yourself and the kids back to the terminal. Just meet our staff member right outside the drop off zone and we will handle your car.
  • Our service is cost affordable and practical.
  • Our vehicle storage is secure and well protected from rain, sun, hail etc.